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NeoReader is a mobile code scanner NeoReader is a mobile application that turns a camera mobile phone into a code scanner and provides one-click access to mobile content on the go, anytime and anywhere. NeoReader features NeoMedia’s patented resolution technology and Gavitec’s ultra-small footprint and platform-independent code scanning algorithms. The NeoReader mobile application operates on many handsets. An audio alert lets you know that NeoReader is connecting to your desired destination on the mobile Web. NeoReader can read: Data Matrix, QR code, Aztec code, EAN, UPC and Code 128 can be read easily and promptly by the NeoReader mobile application. Free Download: just Point your mobile browser to: ZebraScan - Free Barcode Scanner For Mobiles ZebraScan  is a free UPC/EAN  barcode scanner  for Nokia phones. It will look up the product name so you can access product and price information right at the store. Nokia N-Series Edition: Supports  N95, N95 8G

Nokia 5320

Secret codes: * *#06#To check IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). * *#0000#NOKIA Firmware version and date, Phone Model and Operator Variant. * *#92702689#Life timer (W A R 0 A N T Y) The time in which the phone has spent insending and receiving calls. * *#62209526#Wireless MAC Address (M A C _ W L A N). * *#2820#Bluetooth MAC address (B T A 0?). * *#7370#Format phone (Soft Reset). * *#7780#NOKIA Factory Reset (Hard Reset).