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Boon, another JSON Parser, Faster and lighter than GSON

Boon and JSON Boon is not a JSON parsing project. It is more than that, but JSON parsing is intrinsic to what Boon is all about.  Boon is the probably the fastest way to serialize and parse JSON in Java so far for your project. . It is faster at object serialization, enabling JSON expressions, JSON parsing and much more. Boon JSON is FAST! In addition it has a very easy to use, convention-based API. (Boon should be the fastest for most use cases that I have seen for REST, but there are some clear areas where Jackson and FASTJson are faster. At the moment, Boon is not the fastest way to encode JSON if you have a large strings with unicode outside of the ASCII range. The plan is to close the gap, but currently this makes Jackson faster for these use cases. Also please note that Boon is a newer project and not as mature as Jackson or GSON.) Serialization Serialization is achieved by: Jackson style ObjectMapper mapper = JsonFactory.create(); mapper.writeVa