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Vaadin SuggestionTextField

This is my first vaadin widget and very first exposure to Vaadin widgets. Earlier I was thinking that Vaading widgetset are very difficult to implement since it uses the GWT as a bottom layer. All of a sudden i got a new requirement to build  suggestion text field that would populate the suggestion list depend on the user key in. Even though Vaadin "Select" has the filtering mode but it doesn't support to get the user key in events and implement the list according to that. I have done some RnD work and decide to build a new Suggestion Text field component since its not available in Vaadin add-ons as well. Vaadin Widget has two main parts one part for server side and other one for client side, client side component it has to implement using GWT basic layer component which will ultimately generate the javascript and transfer that to client side. With this new Vaadin add-on developers can easily integrate this widget set as following Import the jar file to classpath