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Make your life easy with web based Charting and Data Representation.

NVD3  Re-usable charts for  d3.js Most of your web projects might have a portal for represent your collected data in a user friendly format. As I know developers facing difficulties in integrating a good report engine. There are some cases which reporting engine itself brings us a lot of burden to the project, or have only limited controls over the data manipulation. When I'm fighting with these issues I found a nice pretty interactive and responsive java script based API for charts. It supports almost all the charts we required for an advance management information system. This JavaScript library is such that, it could be easily integrated with any project. All charts supports JSON data format. which would be really convenient to populate the charts on client side. NVD3 Charting API has a full support of responsive feature, this provides the flexibility of developing single chart which works in most of the available devices as of now [PC/ Mobiles].  Lets Take