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Java 1.7 new Language Features and Enhancements

After long time I came back to my blog page and decided to continue filling the space in my blog. In this blog I'm going to write about the new bunch of features coming with all new JAVA 1.7 or JDK 1.7. Once I gone through those features I really realize some of those enhancements are the things that we are waiting until Sun include those features for us. The following enhancements have been added to the Java language: Binary Literals Underscores in Numeric Literals Strings in switch Statements Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation Improved Compiler Warnings and Errors When Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters with Varargs Methods The try-with-resources Statement Catching Multiple Exception Types and Rethrowing Exceptions with Improved Type Checking Binary Literals     In Java SE 1.7 it includes the binary number system with the integral types (byte, short, int, long). To specify  number as a binary value it has to add 0b or  0B  as a prefix. following

Spring Util Map Annotation with Enum key

I wanted create java.util.Map in spring context xml file which injects the Map to one of my service class, but i was struggling with this because my Map's key is an enum value , Finally I was able fix that issue as following, in Spring we can specify the key-type and value-type specifically with generics values. That part was the interesting and new part i found time. All it goes as follows. <map      key-type="EnumType">         <entry key="ENUM_VALUE"  value-ref="leastLoadedAssignmentMechanism" /> </map>

How to Master In Stock Trading

The popularization of speculative trading activity in the financial markets, partly due to the development of retail trading solutions offered on the internet, has created a new population of traders in the market. Most of these traders are non-professionals that are attracted by the potential to generate revenue quickly. Falsely Created Expectations- Many novice traders may believe that it is very easy to make money, especially when they are trying a broker service using a free practice account. However, if these traders manage to generate a sudden substantial return, it can lead them to believe that trading is an easy occupation - and one in which revenue can be quickly generated with little work on the part of the trader. For the inexperienced, one good pick can make it seem like market speculation might become the key to success and wealth. Unfortunately, when these inexperienced speculators overtake this virtual investing environment and decide to start trading