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Adding MySQL datasource to JBOSS AS 7

Retrieve the MySQL Connector The connector can be downloaded from: . The current version at the time of writing is 5.1.24, further sections of this guide assume that version number. Unzip the connector to your downloads folder and save the location of the main JAR in a variable which we can refer to later: Add a Module to AS 7 AS 7 uses a module system to provide isolation in class loading. We need to create a new module which contains the MySQL Connector J JAR. Move to the the AS installation directory and create the folder structure for the new module: export JBOSS_HOME =~ / Development / jboss-as-web-7.0.0.Final cd $JBOSS_HOME mkdir -p modules / com / mysql / main Copy the driver jar to the new directory and move to that directory: cp MYSQL_JAR $JBOSS_HOME / modules / com / mysql / main cd $JBOSS_HOME / modules / com / mysql / main Define the module in XML. This is the key part of the process.  v