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Microservices Architecture with Spring Boot in 15mins

1. Introduction Microservices is not a new term. It coined in 2005 by Dr Peter Rodgers then called micro web services based on SOAP. It became more popular since 2010. Micoservices allows us to break our large system into number of independent collaborating processes. Lets see below microservices architecture. 1.1 What is Microservices Architecture? Microservices architecture allows to avoid monolith application for large system. It provide loose coupling between collaborating processes which running independently in different environments with tight cohesion. So lets discuss it by an example as below. For example imagine an online shop with separate microservices for user-accounts, product-catalog order-processing and shopping carts. So these components are inevitably important for such a large online shopping portal. For online shopping system we could use following architectures. 1.2 Shopping system without Microservices (Monolith architecture) In this architecture we are