Add Captcha to Application

When i'm searching for a Captcha API written in java to embedded with my vaadin application, i have found out


SimpleCaptcha is a framework used in generating CAPTCHA image/answer pairs for Java (J2EE, Grails, JavaFX, etc.). It is intended to be simple to implement and provide sensible defaults, while having the ability to be customized in a wide variety of ways. Example implementations are provided in Java/J2EE and Grails.

Apply the simple captcha is a two step process.

        Captcha captcha = new Captcha.Builder(200, 50)
above line would create captch image and this captcha object has 
the image and the answer.
now you can apply this in anywhere you need in your application.
Link : 

Stands for J ava C ompletely A utomated P ublic T est to tell C omputers
and H umans A part
  • Provide robust and reliable CAPTCHA implementation framework for JAVA
  • Provide accessible CAPTCHA implementations
  • Provide multi-type challenge (text, sound, image)
  • Easy integration with Spring and other new technologies.


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